video.jpg Replacing A Player That Has Dropped Out.


In's League Manager, you can "permanently" replace a golfer with a substitute or another player.


Since this is "permanent" and cannot be reversed once done, we would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend making a backup before doing this.  (In case you wanted to "revert" back to the way the league was you "restoring" the backup.)

To make a backup...

Click on League on your toolbar; then select Backup/Restore Data. Fill in the dot beside League Manager and select where you'd like to store your backup. (cd/thumb drive or the internet)
Click on Backup.

For more information, please refer to Backup and Restore.

To permanently replace your golfer...


MAKE SURE YOU ARE VIEWING the event the replacement will be made in. Then click on the player to be replaced in the main list.

Click on Edit; then select Permanently replace Golfer with another player. 
A step by step wizard will appear describing exactly how to replace the golfer with a new player or current substitute.  You even
have the option to move the replaced player to the substitute list.

See screen shots below...

Replace a regular with a new player:

Replace a regular player with a substitute:

For more information, please refer to Making a Player Inactive.