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Do I really need to do this every time?


I took over for my league last year and ran into trouble remembering that I needed to "pair by handicap" each and every week. I needed to do this as players might switch from being the A player to the B player because of handicap. As I never plan to have an A player play a B player, is there a way I can set this as the default and have the system do it automatically?


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No change has been made.

Has any change been made so you can set up a global parameter to keep the "pair by handicap" method for all scheduled events rather than having to change it for each event?


I'm sorry; as you know, the program does not do this automatically.
I will add your suggestion to our request list.
Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee if/when it will be added.
Thanks for the feedback,


Yes!!  There HAS to be a way to do this and have it STAY THAT WAY!


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