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I see in the help manual that there is such a feature, but I am not seeing it in the handicap parameter settings. I have a Player vs. Player league and want to make sure that no player gets more than 9 strokes from handicaps. For instance if Bob has a 7 handicap and Jim has a +3 handicap, how do I make sure that Bob gets no more than a 9 stroke advantage given to him when points are calculated? 

While in the first window of Handicap Calculation Parameters, click on OK button and then follow the Next buttons to the window where you can change Max stroke given.


I have a similar issue. The max stokes is set to 9 but skins (NET) gives full handicap strokes. Our league seems to remember that NOT happening before. But, now we have guys getting 2 strokes if they have high handicaps. Is there a different setting or is everyone remembering wrong?


The Max Strokes only applies to Individual matches. That's why you're seeing the total handicap applied to Net Skins.


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