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Report showing raw handicaps (not course handicap)

I would like to be able to print a report listing all the players in my league and their raw handicap (not the course handicap).

How can this be accomplished?

I'm not familiar with the term, raw handicap. Is it similar to an Index?


The number I would like included in a report is the handicap prior to adjusting with the slope of the next course to be played.  See the number circled below in red, taken from the "How is handicap calculated" report.

Unfortunately, the program won't show that number.

Here's the 'work-around' I would recommend:
1. Create a new course with a 113 slope. (You'll need to make up a rating also to keep the program happy)
2. Substitute this new course in your schedule whenever you want to see your raw handicap.
This article explains how to change the course in your schedule:
3. Run your desired report showing your handicap.
4. Replace the original course in your schedule.

Hope this helps,


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