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trying to use a schedule from a previous season

Is there a way I can use a previous years schedule in this 
years league. 

I tried: 
  Setup  ->  manual scheduling 
  opened the schedule in the editor
  deleted all the data
  did an import of a spreadsheet containing previous years schedule
  saved it

When I re-open the schedule in Setup -> Manual scheduling 
the old data is still there.  Not sure how to accomplish this task. 

Any/all help appreciated. Thanks 


Your best bet will be to manually re-enter the schedule from last year.
Sorry, but there isn't an import function for the schedule. Support


Isn't it a spreadsheet? If so, seems import from another spreadsheet should be 
forgone conclusion. 

The page formatting is proprietary.


Ok,. It's proprietary, I have a schedule from last season and all that needs to be
changed is the start date.  Why isn't there support to import last years schedule
into this years schedule? Same proprietary format. For all I know there is no 
change in format and/or metadata. I spent a lot of time creating a schedule   
that maps well to my league. Having invested that time once, I find I still have to 
do it every year manually because there is no support to migrate/import a 
schedule from one year to another. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sorry for the inconvenience is an inadequate response.  

Sorry for the brevity in my response.
Our League Manager program is in a 'maintenance-mode' while we work toward an online option, which will be available in a few years.
The program will not be updated or changed.
Unfortunately, I do not have a work-around or any other options for you to help with importing your schedule from last year.
You'll need to manually re-renter it.


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