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New League/Division setup

I have been managing a league for a couple of years and I'm  investigating the possibility of splitting the league based on hdcps.

My league will have 3 divisions/flights (determined by hdcps).


1. When I build the league do I place all teams in the league and then also add them to their individual divisions/flights?  or

2. Do I only place the teams in their individual divisions/flights, leaving the main league info blank?

The User Guide has been helpful for many problems but I've found little info for this question.

Any insight would be appreciated. 



Hi Bryon,

When you mention splitting the league, I'm assuming that there will be different golfers in each division with no cross-division play.

When you create a league, the 'main league' is Division 1. You can add additional Divisions as needed. Each division will have its own schedule.

We would recommend building your league by first filling your specific divisions/flights with teams.

Hope this helps, Support

Thanks for the quick response. Your reply does answer some of the question but I think I'm still unclear about the relationship between the main league and the divisions. I will find some time and call the support team directly. At that time, hopefully I can make my question clearer. Bryon
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