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Move a sub to an open position?

 I'm setting up a new league for the season. I've transferred players and subs from last year to this year but have some new openings. I want to move one of the subs to an open position. I've tried the "Permanently replace xxx with another player"  method but when I select the open position, that option is greyed out and not available. How can I move an existing substitute to an open position in the new league?

Hi Bob,

Give the open position a name (John Doe) and then try the 'Permanently replace..'

Hope this helps, Support

Thanks for the suggestion. I took the long way around before I saw this post. I deleted the sub from the new league roster then re-transferred him from the previous year into an active player position.


I need to know where the 'permanently replace' option is (?)  Thanks, Steve

I found it...thx

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