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Report Team and Player information?

I just realized I posted this in the wrong board a few days ago.

I would like to create a custom report that contains both team and player items, such as: Team#  Team Name  Player Name Player Hdcp Player Phone.
When I select a "Create a New Report Layout" the only choices for type of report are  Team or Player. The General items in the Team report don't include any individual player items or vice versa. Is there a way to combine these items into a custom report?

You may want to try using a Custom View instead of a Custom Report.

Hope this helps,

GolfSoftware Support

Regardless of whether I create a custom View or Report, the items I want to select are not all listed is either offering. On a Team type report, the Team General Items listed include Team Number & Team Name along with other team based statistics. The Player Type report (or View) includes General Player Items of Player Name, Gender, Address, Phone and other player based demographics and statistics. I would like to be able to combine items from both the Team and Player type reports and produce a report that includes Team Number, Team Name, Player Name, Player Phone and possibly some other player demographics.


I'm sorry. Perhaps your best bet would be to choose a report or view with the desired player info and send it to the Editor to add the Team number & name. Support

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