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Program Error???

Please look at Hole #7 in the attached data.
Pelfrey & Dominguez both scored a "2" with one stroke.
Pelfrey was then given a "0" on the skin report and Dominguez was given a "1" with a stroke.

Would appreciate anyone who could tell me what they think happened.



trying to set up the point system for my league.  The program will not let me zero out all the categories I need to.  Thus it awards to many points per match.  We play team vs team with 1 point per hole and 3 points for most holes won.

If you make a backup to the Internet, I'd be happy to look at your data.

Please let me know when the backup is available.

Thanks, Support

#7 hole is listed as the 2nd hardest hole on the card. The first golfer got a 0 because his handicap is 22 giving him 2 strokes on #7 even though it does not show up on the card as such. The program deducted 2 strokes and gave him a 0.


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