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I'm trying to eliminate sandbagging.

Is there a way to eliminate the possibility of sandbagging? I run a league that we have four man teams, where two normally play and the other two are subs. We calculate handicaps after the first event, then use the standard three event formula from there on. 

I'm seeing a situation where a sub-team member could shoot terribly for his first round, get a 14 - 15 handicap, but then not play again until the end of the season. That player comes in and plays great, and shoots near par.

Is there a way to set the maximum differential between rounds? Or the maximum handicap given to a particular score? 


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In answer to your question(s): Unfortunately, the program is not able to cap the differentials or set handicaps based on a particular score.
You would have to make handicap adjustments manually to deter sandbagging.
Hope this helps, Help Desk


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