video.jpg Creating a golf league using last year's data


Creating a golf league using last year's data is accomplished via the Transfer Utility in GolfSoftware's League Manager program. To do so follow the steps outlined below...

  1. Create a new golf league into which you will transfer player information, handicap and point calculation parameters.
    Click on the toolbar, then select Create New League...
  2. After creating a new golf league, load it as the active league by highlighting it and clicking Open League. This new league will be empty but will have the structure in place into which you can transfer last year's data.
  3. Transfer last year's data into the new golf league.
    Click Tools on the toolbar, then select Transfer players between leagues...
    Click Transfer Old League to a New League... button.
  4. To maintain handicaps using last year's scores and to continue using the last year's handicap and point calculation parameters set the appropriate check boxes.
    TIP: Make sure you are transferring the golfer's scores over from last years league to this years handicapping is seamless. Remember the final score a golfer shot last year will be included in the golfer initial handicap for this year.
  5. Click Get SOURCE League and select the last year's golf league.
  6. Click Get DESTINATION League and select the new golf league you created in Step 1 above.
  7. Identify which players to transfer by copying them from the source golf league to the destination league being sure to copy them to the correct team # and position in the new league. Once done click Transfer copied players> to complete the transfer.