video.jpg Inserting a tournament, position, etc into the schedule

Here are the steps to schedule your Position Night/Fun Night/etc. in's League Manager:


If your league plays the same course every week: Click Setup; then select Automatic Scheduling.

If your league plays a different course each week: Click Setup; then select Manual Scheduling.

(This ensures your course rotation will not be affected, but your team pairings will not be recalculated.)

Your schedule will appear.  On the schedule, the 3rd column is titled "Type".  Event 1 should say "Auto-Pair 1", event 2 should say "Auto-Pair 2", event 3 should say "Auto-Pair 3", etc.


To set a "Position", "Fun Night", etc...double-click the TYPE cell for the event you want to use as a position night. 

The "Event Form" will appear.  Click the option Manual pairing with custom description and type "Position" in as the description.  Then click OK.

Repeat STEP 2 for any additional "Position", "Fun Night", "Vacation",

STEP 3 (& Additional  Tips)

If you wish to hide the pairings for these event(s), pull down the Display menu (top left corner of screen) and select the option Hide Pairings for manual events with descriptions. 

If your league skips a week due to a holiday (such as 4th of July), you do not need to "reserve" an event for the week that will NOT be played...simply change the dates of the events to reflect that one event is two weeks after the previous event. 

The schedule can be sent to the Editor where you can insert rows that say "NO GOLF TONIGHT", etc..  To do this, view your schedule, click the Editor on the toolbar and select Send schedule to Editor.