video.jpg Split Season's League Manager can handle any number of split seasons. Follow these steps to divide your season:


Select Range for Split Season from the Setup menu on your toolbar.


Type in the range of events for your current split. This is the range of events considered for all calculations (except handicaps).
Note: This range can be changed at any time. If you do NOT have a split season use the default values .... 1 to (Number of events in your season)


Your league has a split season where events 1 to 10 are the first half and 11 to 20 the second half.

After you have completed events 1 to 10, set the event range ... 11 to 20.  Now only scores and points for events 11 to 20 will be used to calculate results.

Note:  At the end of the year you could change the range back to 1 to 20 to give results for the season total (both splits added together).  (Range can be changed at anytime.)