video.jpg How you can copy your schedule, reports or views to another program

In's League Manager, you can copy the schedule, reports, or views to another software program by "printing" / saving the report to disk and loading it into other software package.

  1. While viewing the schedule, deluxe report, custom report, or main list on the screen, click the <PRINT> button.
  2. Click the <Export to --> Excel File, Html File, or Text File> button.
  3. Type the name of the file to save and the format to save it in. You can save files in the following formats:

    HTML (Web format) -HTML is the universal format for viewing on the web or transferring reports to other software without losing any formatting. Most "newer" software such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Excel, Word, etc, support HTML.

    Microsoft Excel format -Exports as an Excel file.

    Tab Delimited format -Exports as simple tab delimited format.

  4. Load the saved file into the software you are working with.