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In's League Manager, additional scores can be entered at anytime to affect a golfer's handicap. This might prove useful if a golfer plays in another league and you wants this score to be reflected in his/her handicap or if you'd like to add history/practice scores to be included in calculating your golfer's handicap.


Double-click the golfer to view his player info form.


To enter in a history/practice score at the beginning of the season, type the score in where it says "Add Practice score".
If your league has already started, type the score in where it says "Add Extra score".

The score(s) will be included when calculating the golfer's handicap.

Note: Fast way to post scores....
Type in adj score, press Enter
Type in rating, press Enter
Type in slope, press Enter.

League Manager remembers the last rating and slope you do not need to re-enter these each time.

OR... if you wish to post a golfer's score and make sure this score does NOT affect their handicap...
After you have posted the score cards...double-click each golfer to see his/her player form.  Type in "0" for their "Adj Score".  Handicaps are based on a golfer's "Adjusted gross score" and if a zero is is as though they never played for their handicap.

For more information, please refer to Entering Player Information.