video.jpg Video: Changing the order of players on a team.


How do we set up a team vs team format where every player on each team plays every player on other teams?


Assume a league with 6 teams and 2 players (A,B) per team...
The schedule will have every team play against every other team.
The first time team #1 plays team #2..the A on team one can play the A on the opposing team #2.
The next time (6 events later) that team #1 plays team can have League Manager pair the A on team #1 vs  B on team #2 so you get a different match.

How to do this....

  1. Pull down the Tools menu and select "Player Pairing for Team vs Team"
  2. Select "Pair by Flight" and then,
  3. Select "Cross Pair (A vs B, B vs A)" (Next time in the season when the same teams play each other, select the next "cross" pairing.)
To pair players by flight as above, see more information regarding flighting at Flighting Players.

Tip 1: A fast way to see who is playing who.

  1. Select "Custom Views" on the Views menu.
  2. Load the "(Opponent View)"
  3. The golfer in the first position is playing the opposing team's first position golfer.  The golfer in the second position is playing the opposing team's second position golfer, etc...


Tip 2:


You can manually position a golfer on a team by dragging and dropping. On the main list there is an icon to the left of each player's name that looks like a person's head.  If you do not see this, pull down the View menu and select "Default View". Click and drag the icon (looks like a person's head) to the appropriate position.