How can I set up League Manager to award points differently for different events?

League Manager can show standings for any range of events at anytime.  You can show standings for events 1-9, 10-18 and 1-18.  You could even show who won events 4-12...or whatever.  Simply pull down the Setup menu and select "Range for Split Season" to change the range.  This can be changed at anytime.

What League Manager does not expect is that your league changes how points are awarded midway during the year. However our program is very flexible...and this is how it could be done.

  1. Setup points parameters according to how you award them in event 1 to 9.
  2. Proceed as normal...enter cards and let League Manager calculate the points.
  3. This is the extra step you will have....after you have posted the scores you need to LOCK the scorecards and points so that League Manager will never "recalculate" scores/points again for this event.  To LOCK points pull down the Tools menu and select "Lock All Scores\Points".  This must be done for events 1 to 9.
  4. When you are finished with event #9, move back to event #1 and set points up according to how they will be awarded in the second half...10 to 18.
  5. Move back to event 10. League Manager will NOT recalculate points according to the new setup for event 1-9 since the points for these events are all locked.  Enter cards for event #10-18 as normal...there is NO reason to lock the points for these events 10-18 because the league will end with the current point setup in place.