We have a league policy of maximum of three strokes over par for a hole...after that, you get a "pickup" for the hole. Any way to allow for this in the points calculations? A pickup for a par 4 would be a "7P" or "P" rather then an 8 or above. Any way to allow for this in the points calculations? With this policy, a 7 would beat a 7P for points, but both players would have a 7 for handicap purposes.

The major problem with "pickups" is that you never have a true GROSS or NET score for a golfer that picks up the ball.  To solve this problem...according to USGA rules a player should post what he "reasonable would have shot on the hole."

You can set the maximum strokes allowed for handicap purposes...
  1. Pull down the Setup menu and select "Handicap Calculation Parameters"
  2. On the "Handicap Parameters" form....click the "Stroke Control" tab.
  3. Mark option "Constant Max Strokes Allowed" and set 3 over as max.
As far as posting 7 on each scorecard and having program recognize one 7 as better that another...there is currently no way of automating this.  One of three options can be done...
  1. Players should follow USGA rules and post what he "reasonably would have shot".
  2. Players should play out the hole until one person wins the hole outright and score recorded accordingly.  In otherwords, only pick up when the hole is lost.
  3. Enter a 9 for player that picked up..remember only a 8 will be used for handicaps...if par 4
  4. Enter cards as you now do...close card...points may not be right and must be manually adjusted.
You can "manually" award points to any golfer or team at anytime.