How do I run skins in League Manager?

You can run skins games - gross skins, net skins or both - concurrently with your other competition format. There are three steps to running skins:
  1. Mark each player participating in skins
  2. Play and post scores for an event
  3. Run the skins report(s)

Mark each player participating in skins

Quick method: With a player highlighted, press the F8 key on your keyboard. Each time you press F8, you will see a rotation between "N" (for Net), "G" (for Gross), "X" (for both Net and Gross) and blank (for not participating in skins).

Another method:
  1. Bring up a participating player's Player Information Form by double clicking on a player name or highlighting a player name and then clicking on the Edit Player button. Make sure that you are on the "League Statistics" tab.

  2. Put a check mark for either one or both of "In Gross Skins" and "In Net Skins" (orange oval above).
  3. Repeat the last two steps for each player participating in skins.

Play and post scores for an event

Play your event and then post scores as normal using the score card (you must be posting scores hole-by-hole)

Run the skins report(s)
  1. Go to Reports menu and select "Standard Reports"
  2. From the list of Standard Reports select "5. Skins Sheet" and then "5A. Individual Skins". The form below will appear.
  3. You can Sort the individual skins report in many ways. Click on the "Select How to Sort Report" button to select your sorting method.
  4. Select the Score Type for your Skins Report: GROSS or NET. If you select NET, then you have the additional choice of awarding or not awarding handicap strokes on par 3's.
  5. Click on "Select Players to Include" button.
  6. Put a check mark or dot next to all criteria that apply to those participating in skins. If you are running a GROSS SKINS report, check only the "Include ONLY players marked to play in GROSS SKINS. If you are running a NET SKINS report, check only the "Include ONLY players marked to play in NET SKINS. When finished, click on OK button. On the "Individual Skins (5A)" form, click the OK button to run the report.
  7. Skins on the report (above) will be indicated by an asterisk (*) as well as in a list at the bottom.
  8. The "Default" View will show you which players are participating in skins.
  9. With Team Skins, you just select the Team Skins report, select GROSS or NET and run the report.
  10. Although there is no report that distributes skins prize money, you can keep track of player skins winnings by using one of the Miscellaneous Fields.