We like to have one A flight match and one B flight match scheduled into each foursome.  We feel that speeds up play as the A players would generally know more about "speeding up play" than the B players.  That's the theory, anyway.

Put Teams (players) 1 to 10 in groups #1...on main screen double-click the TEAM line and put team 1 to 10 in Group #1.  Put TEAMS (players) 11 to 20 in Group #2.

To pair teams (players) only within groups...

  1. Select "Automatic Scheduling" on the SETUP menu
  2. Click the "Build/Optimize Schedule" button
  3. Click the "ADVANCED Pairing Options" tab
  4. Check the option "Pair Matches Only within groups"...Also check the option "Put each group's matches in same teetime block
  5. Click OK to build schedule


To put A and B matches together...

  1. Pull down the SETUP menu and select "Manual Scheduling"
  2. On the schedule, double-click the mouse on the 6th (6th match) match
  3. The MATCH form will appear.  Give the match the same teetime as the 1st match...Also mark the option "Automatically fill in tee times for matches to the right of this one"


You will now have an A match and B match with same teetime...your foursome.

Repeat above for each event.