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Your league has 1 man teams so each match is a twosome. What you need to do is put 2 matches on the same teetime/start hole, thus that is your foursome.

There are two ways to do this...

1. The Automatic scheduler will automatically assign teetimes.  

Select AUTOMATIC SCHEDULING on the SETUP menu.  Click the [Build Automatic Schedule] button.
Set your course(s) and click OK. 
On the "Start TeeTime" for make sure the option "Increment Time Every 2 Pairings" is checked.  The first 2 matches have the same teetime...thus foursome, second two matches have same teetime, etc.


2. To set teetimes manually.  

Select MANUAL SCHEDULING on the SETUP menu.  If you show 18 matches per event, double click the 9th match and set the start teetime and increment. 
Also mark the option to "Automatically fill in teetimes for matches to the right of this one"  Then you will have two matches at the same teetime..thus your foursome.

Note: Teetimes are strictly for displaying on the schedule.  They have nothing to do with standings, handicaps, etc.

For more information, please refer to Automatic League Scheduler  and Manual League Scheduler.