Some golfers play in multiple leagues at a course. League Manager (LM) treats each league as a separate other words each league has nothing to do with another league and for each league a separate handicap for an individual is calculated.  For many this presents a problem. They would prefer a player play with the same club handicap in all leagues that s/he is involved in.

The solution is to use our Handicap System in conjunction with the League Manager program.  We mainly sell our Handicap System to golf clubs/country clubs.  They use Handicap System to track their members' handicaps.  We have some clubs that also run leagues on the side, and prefer that the "club" handicap be used for league play as opposed to a handicap based on just scores within that particular league.  Some also have the situation where they prefer only one handicap for golfers that are in multiple leagues.

The way they use the programs is as follows...
  1. From the League Manager Setup menu select Handicap Calculation Parameters.
  2. For Handicap Calculation Mode select "Do NOT calculate a handicap."
  3. Use ONLY Handicap System to track handicaps...HS uses all scores a golfer shoots to track handicap.
  4. Transfer golfers and their handicaps to the leagues for which you are using Handicap System to track handicaps.
Thus a golfer has one handicap even though he may be in multiple leagues.