When printing the score cards on plain paper for the back nine of a course the holes are listed 1 thru 9.  However, when you input the scores the holes
are numbered correctly.  How did this happen??

One of the tees may not be entered correctly.

1. On your toolbar, click on SETUP and select COURSE LIBRARY
2. On the "Golf Course Library" form..double-click the Course in question to edit it.
3. The "Edit Course" form will appear.  On the bottom right corner of this form, the "Active tees" are listed. 
4. Double-click EACH active tee to view the "Edit Tee" form..verify the the correct Hole numbers and other info entered is correct and then click OK (not cancel) button.
5. Repeat step 4 above until all active tees are verified correct.

6. Click OK (not cancel) on "Edit Course" form to close form
7. Click CLOSE button on "Golf Course Library" form.
8. Go and print out scorecards...should be correct.

For more information, please click on Entering Courses.