League Manager lets men play from one tee while women play from another.  But there is not an option to indicate that a golfer is a "senior" so it will put him on a different tee. However there is a work around.

  1. In your men's league, mark your seniors' gender as women
  2. Then set the ladies tee (slope and rating) to whatever tees the seniors will play.


Or vice versa for seniors in your women's league.On most of our reports, the gender is not included.If using Player's Itemized Information (or another report where the gender is listed), run the report, but before printing the report, click on the 'F' and change it back to an 'M' or vice versa.

For more information, please click on Entering Player Information.

Handicaps are meant to level the playing field for players of varied abilities who are playing on the SAME tee. There is an additional adjustment when playing from multiple tees. See the following article for the USGA position on playing from different tees.

For a work-around, please see Multiple Tee Work-Around for League Manager.