Please see email user guide.

1.  Pull up the report you want to email to your golfers.
2.  Click on 'File' on your toolbar.
3.  Select 'Save (Export) As'.
4.  Click on your desktop icon on the left hand side of the box.
5.  Under File Name....type in the name of the report.
6.  Click 'Save'.
7.  Click 'Close' at the bottom right hand side of the screen.
8.  Click on 'Internet'.
9.  Select 'Email Players'.
10. Fill in the To/From fields.
11.  Click on 'Attachments'.
12.  Click on 'Attach File'.
13.  Click on your Desktop Icon.
14.  Click on your report.
15.  Click 'Open'.
16.  Click 'Send Emails'.