The max number of teams allowed per division is 100 teams.  A league can have up to 6 divisions... 600 golfers if using a one man format.

If you have 100+ golfers in your league, you have several options...

1. If you need 240 slots to put golfers, create a league with 60 four man teams (240 player slots), put golfers in each slot.  (OR make up four or two man teams to fit your requirements.) Teams are irrelevant since there is no match play competition and only individual standings will be displayed and reported.  Pull down the VIEW menu and select "Players Only" to NOT view teams.

2. If no more than 100 players will ever play, add the extra players in as subs...they can "sub" / at anytime.

For more information, please refer to Starting Up a League

ALSO so you can put any golfer on any course..pull down the SETUP menu and select "Point Calculation Parameters" TAB #7

===TAB 7===OTHER==========
Play head to head-> (NOT checked)
Play against the course\field->(CHECKED)

You can create a "Custom" VIEW or REPORT to show anything you wish.
Any data item can be included on any custom view or report. 

To see some sample views we have created...
1. Pull down the VIEW menu and select "Custom Views"
2. Load any view...these are just samples.
You can create ANY KIND of view or report that shows any items in any order.

To hide teams... Pull down VIEW menu and select PLAYERS ONLY.
To sort the view by any column..Pull down VIEW menu and select SORT VIEW.

CUSTOM reports work exactly the same way....
To see some sample reports we have created...
1. Pull down the REPORT menu and select "Custom Reports"
2. Load any report...these are just samples.

Remember...all the existing custom reports and views are just samples.  You can design your own custom report.  When looking at the list of custom reports, click the NEW button and design your own report layout. 

Tip:  Did you know there are tutorial videos that will answer some of your questions.
Look under 'Help' on your toolbar and select 'Help Videos'.
Run the videos:

* Creating a custom view (See only what you want to see on the main screen)
* Creating a custom report
* Things you can do in LM that you may not know about

For more information, please refer to Custom Report