Customer question: I'd like to try to setup a league where we play varying formats each week. For example, we might play a best ball one week and a scramble the next. Is there some way I can do this? The LM seems to be based on points systems, but that's not what I had in mind for my league. I see in TM where I can get best ball and scramble reports, but that doesn't seem to be available in LM, correct?

You are right...the Tournament Manager is designed to run scrambles, best ball, and other types of tournament events.  If the format is different each week, and teams are constantly changing, then you are basically running a different type tournament each week and would recommend using the Tournament Manager.

The League Manager can run "best ball"...and many other types of play...but it's match team's best ball versus another team's best ball to determine winner...not every team's best ball compared to every other team's best ball.  Further most leagues have set teams like in baseball and football and have a set schedule where each team or player plays against another team\player each week.  Most leagues do translate these into points to track season winners..but not all.  Some say best total net, total gross, etc, is the winner.  League Manager automatically tracks all this info.