How to add additional text to report or view

Four ways to do this...


Save any standard report, custom report or view into an Excel Spreadsheet format.

When you "Export" to are simply saving the report to an excel file...then you can load the file into Excel and can add any additional text you wish.


I'll assume you have Excel 97 or better on your computer.

View a report on the screen.

Click the PRINT button, then click "Export to Excel File" button

By default LM wants to save the report as "GolfReport" to the folder LMData.  You can name the report anything you wish and save it to any folder.  If you use the default...LM will save the file to GOLFREPORT.XLS in the LMDATA folder.

Run EXCEL, select OPEN on the FILE menu and open the file GOLFREPORT.XLS in the LMDATA folder.  The report will load into Excel.

Save any standard report, custom report or view into a HTML file format.  HTML is the universal format for viewing on the web or transferring reports and data from one program to another.  This means you can view/import into any program that supports HTML without losing any formatting. MS Word, MS Excel, or any program that reads HTML they can view the report.  Most programs now support HTML.


Display a report or view on the screen.
Pull down the EDITOR menu and select "Send current 'report' or 'view' to Editor"
The text editor appears..type any additional text you want on the report or view and print.

For more information, please refer to Export View or Report  and Editor Feature  or click to view a Video.

OPTION #4 (For 2008 and earlier versions only)

If you are running a nine hole league...pull down the REPORT menu and select "(Old) TEXT Style" reports.  These are "un-formatted text" reports which can be edited before printing.