League Manager (LM) will award points for "Stableford" competition and also points for winning a matches using the criteria specified above. 
But everything is equalized based on handicaps....not "point quotas"...this is the "foundation" of the program... and why you may be having these difficulties. 
A handicap is based on scores a golfer shoots...not on "points" which are then converted to a quota that must be achieved. 

In summary LM assumes a league is using handicaps to equalize golfers...not a point quota.  Many leagues play stableford... but stableford points are equalized by handicaps. 
For example, assuming you are running a 9 hole league, and you have a 9 handicap and shoot a bogey on each hole, then this would be a "net" par on each hole and you would win points for shooting all pars. 
A zero 0 handicap golfer shooting par on all holes would receive the same amount of points.

However having said the above...we do have a few "Quota" points leagues that use our software..track quotas outside of the program and type points in manually...as you are doing.

For more information, please refer to Applying Strokes on the Scorecard  and Manually Awarding Points.

There is a tutorial video that may answer your question about Manually Awarding Points.