If you print a "net" skins report..LM simply applies the golfer's handicap. 
For example if a golfer has a 5 handicap he gets 1 stroke on the first 5 handicap holes.  If a golfer has a 12 handicap he would get 2 strokes on the first 3 handicap holes and 1 on the rest. 
You do have the option to restrict strokes on par 3's.  NOTE: If you have setup handicapping (SETUP menu, 'Handicap Calculation Parameters') to restrict strokes on par 3's this also applies to the net skins report.

For more information, please refer to Running a Skins Game, Sorting, and Handicap Calculation Parameters.

If you have posted scorecards but still see no or only a few players on the skins report, you may not have selected the correct course or other "filter" to display skins for. 
To correct this problem:

1. Go to 'Reports' on your toolbar.
2. Select the 'Skins Report'.
3. The next form lets you customize whether it gross/net skins, how to sort the report and which players will be included on the report.
4. Click the button [Select Players to include]
5. The "Report Filter" form will appear.
6. Make sure the course for the option "Course Played Include ONLY players that played the below course" is set correctly, and other options too.

For more information, please refer to Running a Skins Game and Sorting.