video.jpg Video Things you can do in League Manager that you may not know about.

With LM you can drag and drop players from one team to another.

When you are in event #1 and you drag and drop a player to another team, LM asks you....

PERMANENTLY swap players between team? 
If YES, then this player will be on this new team for the rest of your league events.

If NO....then it asks...

TEMPORARILY swap players between team for just this event?
If YES, then LM temporarily puts the golfer on the designated team for just event #1...when you move to event #2 he is back on his original team.

(Look to the left of each player's name.  You will notice some players have a "T#" in the first column.  This is their "original" team.)

For more information, please refer to Swapping Players Onto other Teams.