We have 2 8-team divisions. We would like to play each team in our division twice and each team outside the division once.  Will LM do this for me in the scheduling?  If not what would be the easiest way to do that. <


  1. Create a league with 16 teams.
  2. Put teams 1-8 in group 1, and teams 9-16 in group 2.  This allows you to show team standing by "group" if you wish. Double click the team name to assign the team to a group.
  3. Select "Automatic Scheduling" on the SETUP menu.  LM automatically builds a schedule where every team plays against every other team (This takes 15 events before a repeat).  Since you also want to have teams play only within their division..this requires you "manually" pair 7 additional events.

To manually pair an event....

  1. Select "Automatic Scheduling" on the SETUP menu.  Schedule appears.
  2. Highlight any cell in an event, and click the [Manually Pair Teams] Button.
  3. Then pair teams for the event.

Repeat above steps for each event you wish to "manually" pair.

See video for Manually Pairing Teams

Note:  Of course you could set the schedule so ALL teams play outside their division for 8 events and inside for 14 events..this would require all events be paired manually.