If you are NOT running a "match" play league then the team a golfer is on is irrelevant...to hide teams from the VIEW...pull down the VIEW menu and select "Player Only"


If match play then....LM will let you "decrease" the number of teams in your league.  First move players from the last team(s) ... (teams that will be deleted).. to vacant positions on lower numbered teams.

1. Move back to event #1.
2. Pull down the VIEW menu and make sure "Players and Teams" is checked.
3. Look to the left of each player's name, you will notice an icon that looks like a player head. Click and drag this icon to move a player.
4. Now you can PERMANENTLY move golfers to another team.  Drag and drop the golfer from the last team to the vacant team you wish him to reside on.  When LM asks you to PERMANENTLY swap players between team? SAY YES.

5. To decrease the number of teams in your league…
Pull down the SETUP menu and select "Automatic Scheduling".  (You must be in event number 1)
Type the new number of teams in the "Number of Teams" box.  Click anywhere on the screen.  Type "yes" to verify this change.
Note:  Since some teams will be deleted, LM must completely rebuild the schedule.


One final option...You can create a new league and transfer golfer's from the old league to the new league. See Transfering Golfers Between Leagues video.