If you'd like to pair only players in their flights....NO cross flight pairing, you can do this one of three ways.

  1. One solution is to schedule manually...it not as hard as you think....

    Select "Manual Scheduling" on the SETUP menu.  Schedule appears.
    Highlight any cell in an event, and click the [Manually Pair Teams] Button.
    Then pair teams for the event. Repeat for each event.
    There is a tutorial video that answers how to Manually Pair Teams.

  2. Create a league with two divisions...Division 1 (A Flight Division) and Division 2 (B Flight Division)

    Each division has its own schedule where the players play against one another.  Each division has its own standings reports.

  3. If you have the same number of players in the A and B flight...the most elegant solution is to create a league with 2-player teams.  Each team has an A and a B player.  The nice thing about this is you have one schedule.  When team 1 plays teams 2...the A plays the A and the B play the B.  To show individual standings by flight simply print any individual standings report by flight. The fact that golfers are on teams need never be shown...teams can be hidden and team standings never reported. The nice thing is that if you ever want to add a "team" dimension to your league...its already there...just print teams standings.  No extra work.