Some leagues allow players currently on a team to play for other teams. This is a temporary swap for a particular event, not a permanent move to another team.

Here's an example:

The XYZ league has 6 members on each team. Only 4 are allowed to play each event.

Team #1 has 5 players show up to play. Team #4 has only 3 members show up to play.

John Doe is a member of team #1 and wants to fill the vacant spot on team #4.

To set John Doe to play for team #4:

1. Click John Doe's "Player Icon" (to the left of his name), drag, and drop it onto a player (that will not play) on team #4


1. Select John Doe from the list.

2. Click the [Swap Position] button on the bottom of the screen.

3. Select a player (that will not play) on team #4 to swap with.

4. John Doe will now appear on team #4 for this event.


• Any points a swapped player wins are attributed to the team he has been swapped to.

• The Team column (on the main list) will display T# to indicate the team the player usually resides on.

For more information, please refer to Swapping Players