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Just a thought, I would highly recommend that any points a sub wins goes to the sub him\herself, NOT the player they are subbing for.

The reason being...If over time a player gets good substitutes he\she can end up winning the individual standings with points he\she actually never earned. You may want to consider not selecting this option.

A way to "equalize" golfers that do not constantly show is to use individual standings by average points. Average points shows a player's true ability and does not penalize him\her if they do not show up to play every time.
OR you can also instruct LM to use only the best X number of event's points when calculating a golfer's total points, thus not requiring that they show up each time.

If you are running a team league, it also important to note, that any points a sub wins are attributed to the team the sub is playing for that event, just like a regular player.

For more information, please refer to Making Real Player Substitutions.