LM allows you to award any type of points simultaneously. LM can award points for player vs player, team vs team, player against the course, player against the field etc....

In other words, any points you set to be awarded on the POINTS PARAMETER form (SETUP menu "Point Calculation Parameters") will be awarded to the golfer/team.

In the extreme you could award point(s) for every item on the POINTS PARAMETER form and LM would calculate every type of points simultaneously...you'd have a lot of points going on.

LM is very flexible...feel free to experiment...you can change how points are awarded at anytime. LM will simply recalculate the "new" point results using all the scorecards already entered.

If you have not entered any scorecards, feel free to enter some sample cards to see how points are awarded. You can always "zero" out the cards to reset them back as having no scores posted.

For example... Some leagues run a separate "stableford" points standing in addition to their "normal" point standings...and do not wish stableford points to be mixed with "normal" points for standings.

Simply change point parameters to only award stableford points (or whatever) and print out standings. Then change Point parameters back to the "Normal" setup (no stableford points)

for "normal" standings.

Another example...I know of some leagues who at the end of the year do "what if" point setups. They change how points are calculated...

and in a few seconds LM recalculates the entire league and shows end of year standings according to the new point setup.

For more information, please refer to Applying Strokes of the Scorecard  and Player vs. Course.