The League Manager calculates one handicap for a golfer regardless of the number of golf courses he/she plays.  We have leagues that play anywhere from 1 to 20 different courses during the year.  LM takes into account the difficulty of the course by using the course rating (what a scratch golfer should shoot) in the calculation of a handicap so that the handicap is equitable regardless of course(s) being played.

For Example===============

Assuming a 100% handicap figure, and only one score is available to figure a handicap.  The most basic formula used to calculate a handicap is

Handicap = score - rating of course

Many leagues set the rating of the course as par.  The formula becomes

Handicap = score - par

A simple example would be you shoot a 40 and I shoot a 40.  We both have an "average" score of 40, however you played the front with a par or rating of 38 and I played the back with a par or rating 36.

Your Handicap = 40 - 38 = 2
My Handicap = 40 - 36 = 4

If we both play each other next week I would give you 2 strokes (4-2=2).

This is the reason the USGA (United States Golf Association) rates courses so a golfer has only one index/handicap, while he can play any golf course in the country....the rating "Equalizes" the scores on different courses.

In summary...
If the difficulty of the front and back are different this should be reflected in different ratings for the front and back.

Understood..that's the reason the USGA "rates" that the difficultly of the course is taken into account...and handicaps are equatable regardless of what "difficultly" course you play on. IN FACT HANDICAPS are MORE accurate using all scores a golfer shoots rather than just scores he/she shoots on a particular course...because A LARGER sample of his immediate past scores can be used to determine his/her handicap. Leagues that play multiple nine do the same.  Our software simply follows USGA rules.

For more information, please refer to Handicap Calculation Parameters and Handicap Examples or click to view a VIDEO.