To begin, make sure you are on event #1 in your League Manager Desktop Software. 

You will find the Point Calculation Parameters by clicking on Setup menu.

STEP 1 - View Tab 2 Player Vs. Player:

  • We have chosen to award 4 points to the winner for demonstration purposes.
  • Delete the "1" from the points per hole. This is a default. Type "0" (zero).
  • Type the points awarded per match "Best Net" in the middle circled box.
  • Notice the gray box at the bottom of the image; it totals 1 point because this example plays on a 9-hole course and awards 1 point to the winner with the lowest total NET score.

Step 2 - Make sure there are no other points in tabs 3 - 6.

Step 3 - View Tab 7 Other:

  • Make sure your Type of Play radio button is set to play head to head.
  • Click the Finish button to save your settings.

Step 4 - Setting the correct option in Handicap Calculation Parameter.

  • Make sure you are viewing event #1.

  • From the  Setup menu, select Handicap Calculation Parameters.

  • Click the OK check mark at the lower right corner of the first page of the Handicap Calculation Parameters window. This will advance you to the screen shown below.
  • As shown in the image below, make sure your radio button is set to A. Player Vs. Player then click the Next button. This will advance you to a new screen.
  • Click the Next button again and click the Finished button to save this setting.

ADDENDUM: The Scorecard: We play against one other individual and award point(s) for lowest net score for round
  • The gross score (Scr) less the handicap (Hcp) equals the Net score (Net). Joe's net 31 is less than Robert's net 37, so Joe wins 1 point.