To begin, make sure you are on event #1 in your League Manager Desktop Software. 

You will find the Point Calculation Parameters by clicking on Setup menu.

STEP 1 - View Tab 2 Player Vs. Player:

  • We have chosen to award 1 point for demonstration purposes.
  • Delete the "1" from the points per hole box. This is a default. Type "0" (zero).

  • Type the number of points to be awarded in the circled box to the far right "Points per match (Match play 'Most holes')".
  • Notice the gray box at the bottom of the image; it totals 1 point because this example plays on a 9-hole course and awards 1 point to the winner of the most holes.

Step 2 - Make sure there are no other points on tabs 3 through 6.

Step 3 - View Tab 7 Other:

  • Make sure your Type of Play radio button is set to play head to head.
  • Click the Finish button to save your settings.

Step 4 - Setting the correct option in Handicap Calculation Parameters.

  • Make sure you are viewing event #1.

  • From the Setup menu, select Handicap Calculation Parameters

  • Click the OK check mark at the lower right corner of the first page of the Handicap Calculation Parameters on the first page. This will advance you to the screen that looks like the image below.
  • As shown in the image below, make sure your radio button is set to A. Player Vs. Player then click the Next button. This will advance you to a new screen.
  • Click the Next button again and then click the Finished button to save this setting.

ADDENDUM: The Scorecard: We play against one other individual and award point(s) for most holes won

  • The (+) sign represents handicap strokes. Robert's handicap of 8 minus Joe's handicap of 3 equals 5 strokes for Robert.
  • The winner of the most holes earns 1 point. This is reflected in the points column and shown as "match" with points placed in either Team 1 or Team 2. The point is also shown in the player's far right column.
  • Behind the scenes, the system calculates hole by hole net scores to determine who won the most holes. Hole #1 Ex: Joe shot 3, Robert shot 4 minus a handicap stroke equals 3. Joe and Robert tied on the hole. Hole #3: Joe shot 3 whereas Robert shot 6 less a stroke is net 5. Therefore Joe won hole #3.
  • In a case where players win the same number of holes and tie on the others, the 1 point will be split evenly.