To begin, make sure you are on event #1 in your League Manager Desktop Software. 

You will find the Point Calculation Parameters by clicking on Setup from the header menu.

STEP 1 - View Tab 2 Player Vs. Player:

  • Remove the default "1" points per hole. Set to zero (0).
  • Make sure there are no other points awarded on Tab 2. Zero (0) out any additional points; if shown.
  • Notice the gray box at the bottom of the image; it should read zero (0) until you have entered all your point parameters.

Step 2 - Make sure there are no other points on tabs 3 - 5.

Step 3 - Tab 6 Player/Team vs Field

  • For demonstration purposes, we are awarding 10 points for first place and decreasing amounts from there through 10th place (more places can be awarded points, if you wish). See exhibit.
  • In case of a tie, points are added together and divided by the number of players who tied.

Step 4 - View Tab 7 Other:

  • Make sure your Type of Play radio button is set to play against course / field.
  • Click the Finish button to save your settings.

Step 6 - Setting the correct option in Handicap Calculation Parameters.

  • Make sure you are viewing event #1.

  • From the header menu, click on Setup then click Handicap Calculation Parameters

  • Click the OK check mark at the lower right corner of the Setup Wizard.
  • On Tab 1, as shown in the image below make sure your radio button is set to B. One Player versus Many then click the Next button.
  • Click the Next button again and click the Finished button to save this setting.

ADDENDUM: The Scorecard Awarding Points via net score ranking

  • The system calculates the total net score and awards points to the top 10 place finishes (including ties). Note that you can award points to more than 10 players, if your group wishes to do so.
  • Note: The scorecard will NOT show the points awarded.

  • You must use a "view" to see the points awarded per event. Please see example below to access "views".

  • Select the view -View - (.Default View) and load the view.

  • Optional: You may choose to hide the green team rows in order to sort your report.
  • To hide "teams": From the main menu click on the word "VIEW" then when the drop down menu appears, click on "players only". This will HIDE your team rows.
  • To sort: With your Team rows hidden, Click on the "AZ down arrow" icon, and in the blue box click on"Net" for all three sorts, then in the round radio buttons, select A to Z order for all three sorts. Click Okay.

  • In our example: Event 1 results are as follows.
  • Notice there are 2 sets of players with tie scores. The system will add the points together and divide by two since two players tied. See example A and B.