To begin, make sure you are on event #1 in your League Manager Desktop Software.

You will find the Point Calculation Parameters by clicking on Setup menu.

STEP 1 - View Tab 2 Player Vs. Player:

  • Delete the "1" from the points per hole box. This is a default. Type "0" (zero).
  • Type the number of points to be awarded in the circled box under "RANKING COMPETITION".
  • In this example we have chosen to award 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 2 point for 4th place.
  • Notice the gray box at the bottom of the image; it totals 14 event points because this is the sum of 5+4+3+2=14.
  • The system awards points to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers in each match for the round.

Step 2 - Make sure there are no other points on tabs 3 through 6.

Step 3 - View Tab 7 Other:

  • Make sure your Type of Play radio button is set to play head to head.
  • Click the Finish button to save your settings.

Step 4 - Setting the correct option in Handicap Calculation Parameters.

  • Make sure you are viewing event #1.

  • From the Setup menu click Handicap Calculation Parameters

  • Click the OK check mark at the lower right corner of the first page of the Setup Wizard on the first page. This will advance you to the screen that looks like the image below.
  • As shown in the image below, make sure your radio button is set to B. One Player versus Many then click the Next button. This will advance you to a new screen.
  • Click the Next button again and then click the Finished button to save this setting.

ADDENDUM: The Scorecard

  • The (+) sign represents handicap strokes. The lowest handicap player(s) in the playing group (defined on Tab 3) play from scratch. All others are adjusted accordingly (lowest handicap subtracted from each player's handicap). For example: James Wood has the lowest handicap (9), so all others subtract 9 strokes from their handicap. Tom Wisenbaugh receives 2 strokes (11-9=2), John Moar receives 4 strokes (13-9=4), and John Miller receives 3 strokes (12-9=3).
  • Each players net score is ranked and points earned are entered to the far right in gray boxes.
  • The system takes into consideration strokes (+'s) and ties when calculating rankings and awarding points. John Moar and James Miller are an example of a tie using the stroke play ranking competition.
  • To calculate a tie: The system will take the points assigned in tab 2, add them together, and divide by the number of affected players. In this example 1st and 2nd place tied so we award 5 points for 1st place and 4 points for 2nd place giving us a total of 9 points. 9/2 = 4.5 points for John Moar and 4.5 for James Miller.
  • The lower right corner of the scorecard is the sum for Event 1. In this example team 11 scored 9 points surpassing team 1 by 4.0 points.