To begin, make sure you are on event #1 in your League Manager Desktop Software.

You will find the Point Calculation Parameters by clicking on Setup menu.

STEP 1 - View Tab 2. Player vs Player

  • Delete the "1" from the points per hole box. This is a default. Type "0" (zero).
  • Click Next to advance to Tab 3.

Step 2 - View Tab 3 Team vs Team
  • Note: in a team competition, we call it an aggregate competition because points are awarded based on the aggregate total of team member net scores on each hole.
  • In this example we have chosen to award 1 point per hole to the team that has the lowest net hole score.
  • Notice you will need to enter your specific league parameters in the box circled in red.
  • The system will award 9 points since this event is being played on a 9-hole course.
  • Ties are divided evenly.

Step 3 - Make sure there are no other points on tabs 4 through 6.

Step 4 - View Tab 7 Other:

  • Make sure your Type of Play radio button is set to play head to head.
  • Click the Finish button to save your settings.

Step 5 - Setting the correct option in Handicap Calculation Parameters.

  • Make sure you are viewing event #1.

  • From the Setup menu select Handicap Calculation Parameters

  • Click the OK check mark at the lower right corner of the first page of the Setup Wizard on the first page. This will advance you to the screen that looks like the image below.
  • As shown in the image below, make sure your radio button is set to A. Player vs Player then click the Next button. This will advance you to tab 2-Handicap strokes for teams.

  • At Tab 2 -" Handicap Strokes for Teams" - you need to make a choice - Which way to distribute handicap strokes for teams?

    - Use Team Strokes
    - Use Individual Strokes
  • After you make your selection, click next and finished to save your work.

We will use two (2) scorecards to demonstrate the difference in results based on using team strokes or player strokes.

Using TEAM STROKES - Example 1:
  • There are 4 strokes based on handicaps and they are marked in red (+) to indicate team strokes and circled in red for demonstration purposes.
  • Notice under the team stroke concept, strokes are awarded on the first four handicap holes: 1 stroke is awarded on holes 1, 3, 5, and 7.
  • The result is: Team 1 and 11 tie.  The 9 points is divided by 2. Both teams earn 4.5 points.

Using PLAYER STROKES - Example 2

  • There are 4 strokes based on handicaps and they are marked in black (+) to indicate player strokes.
  • Notice under the Player strokes concept, strokes are awarded on the first three handicap holes: 2 strokes are awarded on handicap hole 1, and 1 stroke is awarded on handicap holes 3 and 5.
  • The result of this is: Team 11 wins with 5 points while team 01 is awarded 4 points.