League Manager limitations for multiple tees under normal use

Used normally...League Manager can handle a maximum of two tees if you are playing match play and/or play in teams. If you play as individuals and NOT match play, then League Manager will handle many tees. You just have to set the correct course/tee when you post scores to the on-screen scorecard. If you have a men’s league playing match play and/or in teams, that means League Manager allows a maximum of two tees. Same for a women’s league. If you have a mixed gender league, League Manager allows 1 tee for men and 1 tee for women.

The Concept Behind the Work-Around

The scenario in the next paragraph is an exaggeration for clarity. In your league’s case, you have players playing from multiple tees (not 12" inches away from the hole). You might even have a mixed gender league with players of each gender playing multiple tees. The players playing from the forward tees have an advantage. The "Automatic Work-Around" instructions below take the forward tee advantage into consideration.

Now, imagine two players competing on a course. George always “tees off” 12 inches away from the hole with his putter and he can knock that putt in 100% of the time. Sam tees off from the blue tees and shoots par 36 every time he plays. George’s handicap is a +27 (27 under) as he shoots 9 on a par 36 9-hole course every time (36 - 9 = 27). Sam’s handicap is 0 as he shoots 36 on a par 36 course every time (36 - 36 = 0). In order to make it a level playing field, Sam receives 27 strokes from George, or 3 strokes on each of the 9 holes. Of course this does not take into consideration the rating and slope of the course, and with the work-around below, you don't need to take rating and slope into consideration.

Automatic Work-Around:

This work-around bypasses League Manager's limitations described in the first paragraph above.* 

For League Manager to automatically handle the differences in tee-off locations (different color tees in the tee box area), below is the setup that you need.

Note that this work around is applicable if you just play at one course. If you play the front and back nine of one course alternately, the front and back ratings and slopes must be equal or approximately equal for this work-around to function correctly.


1. Create only one tee for all players in the Course Library. Give it a rating of par and a slope of 113. You can diverge from par and 113, but keep the rating and slope exactly the same for everyone including men and women.

2. If men and women have different handicap stroke order for the holes, then create one tee for men and one tee for women so you can have handicap order for each gender. For both tees, though, keep rating and slope exactly the same. If the men’s rating and slope is 36 and 113, use the same 36 and 113 when you create a women’s tee for handicap stroke purposes.

Handicap Calculation Parameters:

The closer to 100% for handicap percentage, the more even the competition between a lower handicapper and higher handicapper. The lower the percentage, the more the advantage for the low handicapper.

Set the other parameters as you normally would.


Put everyone on the same tee as created under the instructions for “Course/Tee” above. If you created a separate tee for women for handicap order purposes, put women on that tee.

* This work-around assumes that each player plays from the same tee all the time.