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Handicaps for Different Sets of Tees

I am running a league mostly made up of seniors and some of the players golf from the forward tees. But when a player golfs from the forward tees against a golfer from the white tees the player from the forward tees must give up an extra stroke because the rating from the forward tees is different from the white tees. how do a make the software do this?

Elliott Jenneman

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I identify my regular (white) tee players as Male and my senior players as Female on their Player Info in League Manager. Then in the course setup, identify the white tees for the males (with appropriate slope and handicap) and the senior tees as the ladies tees (with their slope and handicap). This is how LM instructed me to do it. I have used it this way for two years and it works great. Handicaps are adjusted accordingly.



How do you determine who plays from which tee? Our league ages range from 43 to 85

i have a couples league. men play from black tees and ladies play from yellow. i have the men checked "male" and the ladies "female", and i have in the course library front and back for both black and yellow. i have both boxes checked for the scorecard to show both tees but when it prints the card LM is only allowing me to show the black tee box for both. wondering how to correct this to show both tees

Hi Jim Stewart,

The scorecard report draws its information from your schedule. Check your schedule to make sure that the men's tee is set to black and ladies' tee is set to yellow. There is a little box to "Show Tees" at the bottom of your schedule. When it shows tees as B/Y, the letter left of the "/" is for men and the letter right of the "/" is for ladies.



Your reply to the original question works, except if you also have ladies that play in the league from the Red tees. Is there any way to have 3 sets of tees Men from the White, Seniors from Yellow, and Ladies from Red?

There are only two sets of tees available in our desktop League Manager (Men's & Ladies'). 

We are working on an online version (available Spring 2018) that will accommodate more than 4 tees.

I have the desktop version -- will this feature be added to desktop version? If not, will you offer discount for desktop users to migrate over to Online version?

Hi Gwynne,

Additional tees will not be added to the desktop version. (It's in 'maintenance mode' and will not be updated further.)

We are currently beta-testing the online version of LM.

Pricing for the online version is still under consideration. Support

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