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Create custom scorecard

Can the Standard Scorecard (plain paper) be customized and saved as the default or

at least show up in the Reports - Standard Reports - Scorecard menu? I want to add

rows to track putts per player.

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add name on scorecard

I'm not sure what you mean by"add name on scorecard"? I know I can use the editor to add this info but I was looking for a way to alter the existing Scorecard Report permanently.

Hey Bob, shoot me an email. jcardenas21 at

1) We have a rule in our league that when one player competes against both opponents without a sub, he/she only gets one point per player.  This is a built in penalty for the partner as a no show. I have been searching for a way to reduce the 2 point bonus to one point on only that score card, but no success and I'm probably not looking in the right place.........

 2) When a team forfeit occurs, our rule mandates that the team that shows up and plays is automatically awarded 6 points per player, and if they match or beat their net score against the par for that nine, they are awarded another 2 points.  When I use the letter "F" in the forfeiting teams' score, the opponent automatically gets 22 points as set in our points parameter, however I would  like to manually enter their points as prescribed from our rule and still maintain the accumulated score accurately.


Our course has changed the front 9 to accomodate renovations.  How can I change the par on 4 holes so the stats come out correctly? Chomonix golf course
Hole # 2=Par 3   Hole #4=Par 4   Hole #5=Par 3  Hole #6=Par 5


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