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Ghost scores distributed hole-by-hole

I use the ghost to enter a score when the player does not show up and has no intention of making up the match.

The Ghost is set to shoot 2 over the substituted player's handicap.

In this instance, the player's handicap was 10 for 9 holes, so the ghost inherits a handicap of 12 (10+2).

What is the methodology to distribute those 12 shots over the 9 holes?

I would think it should be one shot on each hole and and additional shot on the 3 most difficult holes.  However, this was not the case recently.  See scorecard below.

Hole #4 is the #1 handicap hole and the Ghost shot a par on this hole?

A couple things...

'Shooting 2 over the handicap' means that with a 10 handicap the ghost shoots par+2+10= 48 which is the ghost's gross score.
You CAN change the handicap, but not there.

Your methodology for stroke distribution is accurate. I don't know why the program didn't distribute the strokes that way.
I'd recommend rebooting your computer & re-installing the program. Our programs are designed to 'layer' on top of each other, so you won't lose any data.
If anything has gotten corrupted, re-installing will put the good stuff back in.

Hope this helps, Support

The 12 strokes for hdcp doesn't get distributed, the difference between the two hdcp (10-5=5) is what gets distributed. According to your score card the hdcp stokes are correct. Increasing the ghost subs hdcp

will help the ghost sub win more points. Some leagues want to make it easier for the ghost sub to win points and some want it harder for ghost sub to win points. You will have to manually schange that 10 hdcp to 12 hdcp. Then the ghost sub would get 7 stokes instead of 5.

How do I set the Ghost Handicap for A players at boogie or 9 and the Handicap for B players at 18?

When you enter the Ghost score, you can also enter the handicap.

If you're using the 'Set Ghost Score' tab, it may save the settings as a default for next time.

Hope this helps, Support

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