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Position in Standings

My League Spring Season runs over 18 weeks and is based on total Stableford scores for each player's best 12 of 18 games.

I have set up a simple Weekly Report to show items such as Player ID and Name, points for the week, total points in games to date, Position in Standings etc. However, I am having an issue with the Position in Standings Field. It appears that if three people have the same total score the positions of the 1st 2 are shown as the same which is OK but the next player will be shown as a position lower.

E.G. After 5 weeks the top 5 players have the following total scores P1 - 79, P2 - 73, P3 - 73, P4 - 73, & P5 - 72. While I would like to see their Position in Standings shown as 1, 2, 2, 2, 5 what I am getting is 1,2,2,4,5.

Thank you for your help

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