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Stroke distribution incorrect

 The strokes awarded to the higher handicap player are not being distributed on the scorecard correctly. One player has a handicap of 4 and the other has 17. We use player-vs-player scoring. The stroke distribution on the scorecard shows 3 strokes on the #1 and #2 handicap holes and 1 stroke on all the others for a total of 13 strokes. They should be distributed with 2 strokes on the #1, #2, #3 and #4 handicap holes and 1 on all the rest. We've played the same 9 hole course all season and up to this point all handicap strokes have been distributed correctly. What could cause this problem? Can I score the card manually and award the hole-by-hole points correctly?

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 Ignore this post. I discovered the problem. The course is a 9 hole executive course with 7 par 3's and 2 par 4's. The handicap rules are set up so no more than 1 stroke is given on par 3's, so the 13 strokes are distributed correctly with 7 going to par3's and the remaining 6 divided between the par 4's.

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