video.jpg You can also view the video, "Transferring golfers from one league to another (copy golfers from last years league to this years).


To transfer golfers from one league to another. The basic steps are listed below.

  1. Create a new league to transfer players to. (Select "Create New League" on the League menu and create the new league.)
  2. After you create the league, load it as the active league. It will be empty (no players). Now you can transfer players from another league to this new "empty" league.
  3. Click the Tools menu and select "Transfer players between leagues". The Utility menu will appear.
  4. Select "Transfer Old League to a New League". The transfer form will appear (pictured below).
  5. If you want to transfer scores to maintain handicaps check the option "Transfer event scores to practice scores, to maintain handicaps"
  6. If you want to copy how the source league was setup to the destination league mark the option "Transfer Handicap and Point Calculation Parameters"
  7. Click the Get SOURCE League button, and select the source league. This is the league you will transfer players FROM. NOTE: Your source league will not be altered during the transfer; it remains intact.
  8. Click the Get DESTINATION League button, and select the destination league. This is the empty league you created INTO which you will transfer golfers. 
  9. Copy the players you want from the source league to the destination league: Make sure you copy them to the correct team and position in the destination league, if that matters in your case.
  10. After you have copied the players to fill the new league, click the Transfer copied players button to copy the players. "